sMerit sent from mprep to Welsh

iThe sMerit report shows information about each sMerit transaction that BPIP has recorded between users. Specifying at least who the sMerit was sent "From" or who it was sent "To:" is required. Under the "Report Options" button, a minimum/maximum amount of sMerit involved and a date/time range can be specified.

Date/Time From To Number Post
1/28/2021 11:00:42 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 3 Re: How about locking some ANN threads that are from proven scammers?
7/24/2020 1:37:10 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 3 Re: Moderator editing post and reducing image size?
6/17/2020 7:33:29 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 6 Re: Don't give up on the Noob you encounter on the forum, help them BUIDL.
5/10/2020 8:07:52 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 2 Re: Bitcointalk Halving Party - Discord server
5/9/2020 10:14:35 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 3 Re: Greed or Need? What's changed with bitcointalk ?
4/19/2020 2:44:04 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 2 Re: What is exactly the functionality of "Report to moderator"?
2/12/2020 5:43:22 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 2 Re: BitcoinTalk can become the facebook of money
12/25/2019 1:23:27 AM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 2 Re: Replace google captcha with another provider that supports TOR.
12/9/2019 11:31:02 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 3 Re: I'm running for becoming the new Trading Discussion Moderator
10/25/2019 12:11:55 AM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: Bump changes feedback
10/23/2019 8:41:26 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: Scam Accusations (Altcoins) board
10/8/2019 7:10:46 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 2 collectible coin ideas & vote
10/3/2018 12:08:05 AM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: Rant on Tor
9/19/2018 11:52:29 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: Signature Probation: Newbie-friendly alternative to Jr. Member Merit requirement
9/5/2018 10:54:57 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: Advisory for Altcoins Boards and request for sticky thread
6/23/2018 9:52:20 AM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 [Guide] Reporting effectively
6/23/2018 9:52:01 AM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 4 [Guide] Reporting effectively
5/26/2018 3:42:26 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: Want to act as Bitcointalk police
5/23/2018 4:08:14 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: Do we have Edit history feature at all?
5/17/2018 4:30:40 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: An easy question - post count in BTC
5/17/2018 4:28:56 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: Was Satoshi from USA? (during 2009-2010)
1/25/2018 7:18:26 PM mprep (Summary) Welsh (Summary) 1 Re: Merit & new rank requirements

Sum of merit: 43
Total records: 22