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Donations to the Project

Website Development: ibminer, suchmoon
Parser Development: suchmoon, ibminer
Extension Development: suchmoon
Site Design: ibminer

A special thanks to TryNinja & LoyceV for all of their contributions and providing additional branches of information available within the site & extension.

A special thanks to jackg and TheBeardedBaby for technical troubleshooting.

BPIP would also like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the helpful suggestions made by various members of the Bitcointalk Community on the BPIP Website & BPIP Extension project threads.


Jan 2019 - Sponsored by Bitsler
Dec 2018 - Bitcoin SV (BSV) Currency Added To Bitsler
Nov 2018 - Bitsler - New Coin Launch!
Oct 2018 - Sponsored by Bitsler      Website


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