BPIP Support

BPIP collects publicly available information from Bitcointalk.org and aggregates data in various useful ways for other members. We do not have any special access to the forum or its database.

Usually this is due to the profile not being "refreshed". Each profile page has a "Refresh Profile" button which will queue that profile to be re-parsed and pickup any recent data, which should resolve the data conflicts.

There are some numbers & data which are parsed outside of the "Refresh Profile" option, things like DT1/2 status, banned profiles, archived accounts, and more. These typically get updated frequently and should be accurate (every ~10-15 minutes). This accuracy could depend on parser load and other factors that may hinder or slow down parsing data.

If you feel there are mis-calculations or inaccurate information which are not being updated, please report them on the BPIP Project Thread.

  • Offering suggestions for improvements.
  • Help spot any bugs or glitches in the data and report them on the BPIP Project Thread.
  • BPIP takes resources to run, and the database is growing every second. Donations and sponsorships are another way to help support BPIP and ensure it stays running succesfully.