sMerit sent from Vod to xtraelv

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Date/Time From To Number Post
3/27/2020 8:46:59 PM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 6 History - Bitcoin Savings and Trust and Pirateat40 on Bitcointalk (PONZI)
7/10/2019 7:56:53 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 1 The most iconic bitcointalk threads. History on Bitcointalk.
6/10/2019 6:54:38 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 1 Re: Can we make a bitcoin talk with no mods?
3/30/2019 12:58:55 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 3 Re: Igor Karavaev - ICOBench Expert - is a Scammer
3/30/2019 12:57:28 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 2 Re: Igor Karavaev - ICOBench Expert - is a Scammer
12/25/2018 6:27:09 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 5 Re: I've stopped reporting posts
12/9/2018 12:25:59 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 5 Re: World laughing at the US
10/21/2018 11:41:45 PM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 3 Re: The Pharmacist,actmyname,Vod.. The mafia trying to get controll of bitcointalk ?
10/21/2018 8:55:40 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 2 Re: ✴ Alexa and Google threatened by the name Jesus.
10/14/2018 10:27:52 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 2 Re: The unluckiest person in bitcointalk
8/29/2018 5:10:49 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 25 Bitcointalk trolls, dysfunction and all out flame wars. Guide to the scandals.
8/25/2018 4:27:29 PM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 2 Re: IS RELIGION IMPORTANT?
8/23/2018 6:58:52 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 2 Re: We plan to make a bitcointalk Chinese community
8/17/2018 5:44:28 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 5 knightmb on bitcointalk - from 371,067.36 BTC to Mitt Romney extortion.
6/14/2018 6:43:37 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 5 Re: Ponzi Schemes are illegal right?
6/9/2018 3:24:45 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 5 Silk road and Bitcointalk. How it played a role in its rise and fall.
6/3/2018 12:35:33 AM Vod (Summary) xtraelv (Summary) 10 Bitcointalk history of hacks and vandalism.

Sum of merit: 84
Total records: 17