sMerit sent from theymos to coinlocket$

iThe sMerit report shows information about each sMerit transaction that BPIP has recorded between users. Specifying at least who the sMerit was sent "From" or who it was sent "To:" is required. Under the "Report Options" button, a minimum/maximum amount of sMerit involved and a date/time range can be specified.

Date/Time From To Number Post
10/5/2019 12:36:10 AM theymos (Summary) coinlocket$ (Summary) 20 Re: permanently banned
4/26/2019 11:10:29 PM theymos (Summary) coinlocket$ (Summary) 20 Everything I've found on the missing 250 BTC from Paraipan

Sum of merit: 40
Total records: 2