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6/21/2021 6:33:27 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 [Table] Withdrawal Fees and Withdrawal Amounts on Crypto Casinos
6/11/2021 9:33:30 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 Is it time to change some negative trust ratings to neutral or delete them?
6/4/2021 6:01:39 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: Nano Ledger S iskustva
6/4/2021 6:00:52 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: Procjena koji Bitcoin fee staviti kod slanja BTC-a
6/3/2021 10:35:45 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 Re: [VELIKA LISTA] Hardverski novčanici (80+)
5/20/2021 7:24:25 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 What Would Be Your Reason to Leave Bitcointalk?
4/20/2021 1:42:53 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Bot za obavještenja od LoyceV
4/9/2021 6:35:14 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Stake vs Bet365: The Live Streaming Battle
4/7/2021 9:11:14 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Da li znate kako je Bitcoin dobio svoj prepoznatljivi narandžasti logo?
3/31/2021 8:49:05 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 Riddles and Brain-Teasers for Bitcointalk Members (Newbies – Members)
3/25/2021 11:09:44 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 Pre-Legendary VS Legendary Merit Stats
3/13/2021 3:21:35 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 POLL: Have You Ever Used the Lightning Network?
3/11/2021 6:31:51 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 LoyceV "Show All" Scrapper
3/6/2021 1:31:44 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 A look at PayPal’s TOS and What it Means for Users
3/5/2021 11:26:32 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 3 Re: Zbirni topic za davanje merita za kvalitetne postove
3/4/2021 7:11:40 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 Crypto Exchanges That Successfully Recovered Bitcointalk Users Funds
2/28/2021 7:56:23 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 Don’t be lured by the promises of easy money!
2/23/2021 10:33:39 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 How to convert a Word .doc to bbcode for Bitcointalk
2/20/2021 10:26:51 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 My Football Gambling System: A Betting Experiment
2/5/2021 11:20:50 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: Top 200 Active Members who have earned most Merits but have sent 0 sMerits
2/3/2021 8:17:29 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Should all scam busting techniques be made public?
1/26/2021 7:59:06 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 [Guide] How to get sound notifications for goals, penalties, etc., when betting
1/15/2021 7:50:25 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 @theymos and admins: Have a look at this
1/3/2021 12:46:51 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 The unsung heroes of Bitcointalk
12/30/2020 12:53:07 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 An interesting fact from the posting history of satoshi
12/26/2020 1:10:51 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: Pregled Bitcointalk Signature-Ad kampanja
12/21/2020 7:17:08 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 My investigation on satoshi
12/9/2020 6:00:19 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 A Deeper Look into the Skrill cryptocurrency TOS
11/29/2020 9:25:31 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Američka vlada zapljenila preko 1 Milijarde US$ u Bitcoinima
11/27/2020 7:41:47 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 An Interview with Andreas M. Antonopoulos regarding 51% attacks on Bitcoin
11/25/2020 3:46:07 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 MLM - Opasna Marketing Strategija
11/20/2020 7:06:31 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 I can finally call myself a Self-made Legendary member
11/3/2020 7:17:09 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: Procjena koji Bitcoin fee staviti kod slanja BTC-a
10/26/2020 7:30:23 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: [Interviews] with Bitcointalk members
10/6/2020 7:29:09 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 2 Kako uraditi Double-spend sa Electrum novčanikom
10/2/2020 5:28:13 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Which casinos have IP blocks in place for restricted countries?
9/9/2020 6:54:07 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Arhiva Postova/Adresa za Bitcointalk + API
8/22/2020 11:14:37 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Uputstvo za korištenje Chipmixer-a
5/30/2020 10:19:01 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin wallet - pitanja, preporuke, ostalo
5/11/2020 5:21:07 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Giving 25 Newbie/Jr. Members a Chance to Rank Up
5/9/2020 3:11:01 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Projekat Covid-19: Finansijska Potpora - Samo za Korisnike Bitcointalk-a!
3/1/2020 1:57:22 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Projekat Anastazija: Bitcoineri Protiv Krađe Identiteta
2/14/2020 11:09:49 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Kako Se Generiraju Bitcoin Adrese? Matematika Na Kojoj Se Bitcoin Adrese Temelje
2/6/2020 5:04:16 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: Kutak za početnike
11/27/2019 1:10:22 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Da li trenutno posjedujete stablecoin-e (USDT, TUSD itd.)? Razmislite još jednom
6/18/2019 4:01:42 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Can we have the Forum Rules as a separate sticky in B&H please!
4/15/2019 2:32:36 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Kako provjeriti skraćene i zaštićene linkove
4/14/2019 11:05:32 AM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Kako razlikovati bitcointalk linkove od eksternih linkova
4/4/2019 6:05:22 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Otkrivene ranjivosti kod Trezor Hardver Novčanika
2/18/2019 2:49:09 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 List Of Most Deleted Posts/Threads For The 100 Most Active Profiles
2/15/2019 7:27:25 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Šta treba da znate o Unošenju i Brisanju Privatnih Ključeva
2/5/2019 6:59:43 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Can users be banned for using known English proverbs and sayings?
2/2/2019 3:16:28 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 773 Milijona Emailova i Korisničkih Naloga se prodaja na underground forumima
1/31/2019 4:37:29 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Tržišna Kapitalizacija Kriptovaluta
1/21/2019 3:53:04 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Top 200 Active Members who have earned most Merits but have sent 0 sMerits
1/15/2019 3:32:12 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Plagiarism as a result of cultural differences
1/9/2019 3:34:39 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Telegram prevara na povjerenje
1/9/2019 3:34:12 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: Još jedan način na koji možete zaraditi Merite
1/8/2019 7:08:04 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Većina mjenačnica kriptovaluta prikazuju lažne podatke o volumenu trgovanja
1/7/2019 4:38:39 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Easy Balance - stranica za provjeru stanja vaših Bitcoin/Ethereum adresa
12/10/2018 6:48:26 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Uputstvo: Kako potpisati poruku sa MetaMask-om i MEW-om
11/9/2018 7:34:31 PM Daniel91 (Summary) Pmalek (Summary) 1 Re: Newbies beware, Fake Binance email, bitcoin whitepaper anniversary scam.

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