sMerit sent from coinlocket$ to DdmrDdmr

iThe sMerit report shows information about each sMerit transaction that BPIP has recorded between users. Specifying at least who the sMerit was sent "From" or who it was sent "To:" is required. Under the "Report Options" button, a minimum/maximum amount of sMerit involved and a date/time range can be specified.

Date/Time From To Number Post
10/11/2020 10:38:14 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Re: Stats – The Merit Speedy Gonzales’ of the forum
3/19/2019 12:43:49 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Stats on the Rank pipeline - How many are we on the way to ranking-up (II) ?
1/12/2019 4:53:12 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 2 Customized Trust Network – Interactive tool to see who we trust/distrust
8/21/2018 5:32:44 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Analysis - Merited on multiple Subsections and the Correlation Matrix
8/7/2018 2:58:50 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 sMerit Senders & Receivers – Weight of top 100 and 200 weekly contributors
7/1/2018 10:00:36 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Analysis- sMerits per transaction and sMerit transactions per post-Are they low?
6/6/2018 10:46:33 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 2 Bitcointalk Merit Dashboard
5/30/2018 8:19:53 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Is it true that we only send sMerit to our “buddies” ?
5/23/2018 9:54:16 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Forum Merited Messages- Does size count?
5/22/2018 4:46:04 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 User's sMerit Network size – Data to select possible Merit Sources
5/12/2018 2:26:26 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Forum Word Clouds - Which words are most common in Topics
5/10/2018 1:27:18 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 What Section/subsections do we award our sMerit to and vice-versa – Interactive
5/9/2018 12:32:15 AM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Analysis of Deleted Posts with sMerit
5/5/2018 11:39:22 AM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Forum Metrics - Section/subsection sMerit breakdown in detail
4/25/2018 5:29:27 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Our very own sMerit Network Picture - enhanced with access to all sMerit TXs
3/29/2018 8:08:34 PM coinlocket$ (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Which Ranks send sMerit to which Ranks - and who ranked up

Sum of merit: 18
Total records: 16