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1/10/2020 12:32:03 AM TwitchySeal squatz1 3 What news sources do ya guys use?
11/30/2019 11:21:59 AM TwitchySeal squatz1 4 Vape Products Shouldn't be Banned
11/18/2019 12:22:49 AM TwitchySeal squatz1 5 Re: [POLL] WILL TRUMP BE ELECTED TO A SECOND TERM?
10/18/2019 8:12:30 AM TwitchySeal squatz1 1 Re: Lebron James says Rocket GM wasn't informed about Hong Kong
10/17/2019 9:17:03 PM TwitchySeal squatz1 2 Re: Democrats are moving the goal posts, shifting from Russia to Racism

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