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Date/Time From To Number Post
9/30/2022 10:11:14 AM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 5 [Guide] Solo mine testnet bitcoins with cgminer, Bitcoin Core, and a Compac F
8/26/2022 6:53:29 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 Native lightning Bitcoin payments by card are faster than visa/mastercard
6/9/2022 6:49:14 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 Re: [Guide] Futurebit Apollo BTC Custom Linux Install - Base
6/2/2022 9:11:26 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 Strike and HRF posted three challenges with 1 BTC reward each
5/27/2022 4:41:21 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 3 What is the best custodial lightning payment processor these days?
5/19/2022 2:50:22 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 Meet The Bolt Card, an NFC-enabled Lightning card
5/19/2022 2:47:48 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 44 countries will meet in El Salvador to discuss Bitcoin
3/28/2022 11:18:09 AM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 Interview with Electrum creator, Thomas Voegtlin
2/28/2022 9:28:39 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 Intel's second gen Bitcoin miner produces 135TH/s at 26J/THs
2/16/2022 4:40:58 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 3 Offline bitcoin vending machine using lightning
2/4/2022 4:32:13 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 Is keysend the best way to transfer custom data between peers with lightning?
12/23/2021 3:51:06 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 A supermarket in Mexico now allows Bitcoin payments for all their items
12/22/2021 9:39:27 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 Human B: A Film about the insight journey into the Bitcoin rabbit hole
12/21/2021 12:52:17 PM dkbit98 (Summary) nullama (Summary) 1 Send faxes anywhere in the world with lightning!

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