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9/5/2019 11:25:13 AM Carlton Banks cr1776 4 Re: [2019-09-02] Argentina capital controls, a strong case for bitcoin
8/29/2019 11:15:50 AM Carlton Banks cr1776 2 Re: [2019-08-15] Hong Kong Is Paying Higher Prices for Bitcoin Amid Political Unrest
7/3/2019 4:23:00 PM Carlton Banks cr1776 5 Re: [2019-07-01]British Regulator FCA Prepares a Potential Ban of Crypto CFDs for Re
4/2/2019 6:23:00 PM Carlton Banks cr1776 3 Re: [2019-04-01] Making ATM Bitcoin Payments via Lightning Network Is Becoming a Rea
10/31/2018 9:48:00 PM Carlton Banks cr1776 2 Re: [2018-10-30] The New Effort to Get Bitcoin's Lightning Network In Every Browser
10/16/2018 9:29:00 PM Carlton Banks cr1776 1 Re: [2018-10-14]Bank of Zambia Warns Cryptocurrencies Are ?Not Legal Tender?
5/23/2018 11:35:00 AM Carlton Banks cr1776 2 Re: [2018-05-23] Chilean President Considering Regulation of Cryptocurrencies

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