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2019-06-17 1:20:00 PM Welsh Jet Cash 2 Re: How can we take Bitcoin Talk back into the Bitcoin community?
2019-04-09 10:33:00 PM Welsh Jet Cash 3 Re: Should bitcointalk play a part in educating its members?.
2019-03-19 9:49:00 PM Welsh Jet Cash 4 Re: Adulthood is a scam, wish I could stay young forever
2019-03-01 2:54:00 AM Welsh Jet Cash 4 How forum members can help each other.
2019-01-06 5:41:00 PM Welsh Jet Cash 1 Videos of people trying to use Bitcoin for retail purchases
2018-06-26 10:15:00 AM Welsh Jet Cash 2 Re: New version of Whitepaper for CO2 reductions trading ecosystem
2018-03-27 8:41:00 PM Welsh Jet Cash 1 Was Sergei Skripal poisoned by the Russians?
2018-01-25 9:20:00 PM Welsh Jet Cash 1 Safety precaution when using Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.

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