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2019-12-01 4:47:54 AM JayJuanGee BartS 1 Re: Why would one pay $7K for Bitcoin if he/she can get the same thing for $0.001?
2018-08-11 5:43:00 PM gentlemand BartS 1 Re: Be greedy when others are fearful...
2018-03-29 2:04:00 PM Mometaskers BartS 1 Re: The EU Threatens To Break Up Google On Antitrust Grounds
2018-03-26 11:08:00 PM paxmao BartS 1 Re: Do ?penny coins? really have more potential? ? a brief analysis
2018-02-13 6:34:00 PM Hydrogen BartS 1 Re: Trump wants to impose a 'reciprocal tax' on trade partners

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