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Date/Time From To Number Post
5/20/2021 12:51:58 AM wndsnb (Summary) Yrth (Summary) 1 Re: Where to fix your Asic miners.
4/17/2021 6:21:29 PM wndsnb (Summary) Petzhold (Summary) 1 Re: T17 Capacitors Hashboard loose
4/12/2021 12:32:28 AM wndsnb (Summary) mikeywith (Summary) 2 Re: Changing S17+ hashboards between miners doesn't mine.
3/8/2021 8:45:29 PM wndsnb (Summary) mikeywith (Summary) 2 Re: Is the S19 control board compatible with the S17 miner?
3/5/2021 5:52:56 PM wndsnb (Summary) mikeywith (Summary) 1 Re: 2021, time for a new general & diff speculation thread...
2/19/2021 12:53:59 AM wndsnb (Summary) emeric1 (Summary) 1 Re: Brand new innosilicon T2T-30T stops hashing within minutes, autotunes constantly
2/16/2021 3:12:19 PM wndsnb (Summary) Bipede85 (Summary) 2 Re: Problems with T17s from Alibaba
2/16/2021 1:22:05 PM wndsnb (Summary) mikeywith (Summary) 2 Re: Mining Strategies? % to hodl or upgrade
2/7/2021 3:19:32 AM wndsnb (Summary) NoKeyboard-BTW (Summary) 2 Re: S17 Pro no longer hashing. Bad ASICs ?
1/22/2021 2:37:45 PM wndsnb (Summary) RRZP028 (Summary) 2 Re: T17/S17 malfunction: cases, solutions, remedies, RMA history
1/4/2021 11:31:49 AM wndsnb (Summary) mikeywith (Summary) 1 AWP9 / APW9+ repair guide (pinouts)
12/9/2020 3:19:07 AM wndsnb (Summary) 7empest (Summary) 1 Re: WTB _ T17+ PSU and Control Unit
12/8/2020 2:57:42 PM wndsnb (Summary) mikeywith (Summary) 1 Where to fix your Asic miners.
12/6/2020 7:09:19 PM wndsnb (Summary) mikeywith (Summary) 1 Re: Rack Style Mining (AntRack)
1/18/2020 7:19:10 PM wndsnb (Summary) mikeywith (Summary) 1 Re: It is 2020 time for a new diff thread.
12/13/2019 1:38:20 AM wndsnb (Summary) philipma1957 (Summary) 2 Canaan A1066 Review.
11/22/2019 3:24:15 PM wndsnb (Summary) favebook (Summary) 2 Re: Special thread concerning bitmains coupons refunds discounts.
10/19/2019 9:43:13 PM wndsnb (Summary) kano (Summary) 2 Re: NovaBlock, The Most Profitable Mining Pool
10/18/2019 1:32:23 PM wndsnb (Summary) AlecMe (Summary) 2 Re: Canaan Announces 11 Series
10/4/2019 2:46:46 PM wndsnb (Summary) NotFuzzyWarm (Summary) 1 Re: Avalon A1047 Review
9/26/2019 9:17:36 AM wndsnb (Summary) NotFuzzyWarm (Summary) 1 Re: Strange, PSU started malfunctioning
9/12/2019 12:30:57 AM wndsnb (Summary) NotFuzzyWarm (Summary) 1 Re: Learn from my mistake (load balancing)
8/29/2019 2:10:33 PM wndsnb (Summary) TheBeardedBaby (Summary) 1 Re: Stake your Bitcoin address here

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