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Date/Time From To Number Post
8/12/2020 7:47:50 PM tim-bc (Summary) danieleither (Summary) 1 Re: Will I know if one of my miners ever finds a block? *Update - Found one!*
8/2/2020 2:38:52 AM tim-bc (Summary) philipma1957 (Summary) 1 Some very 'bad' news on s19 shipments.
8/21/2019 10:14:03 PM tim-bc (Summary) s3binator (Summary) 1 Re: [Reference] May 2019 "Multi-Level" menu values
7/13/2019 1:36:34 PM tim-bc (Summary) laszlo (Summary) 1 Pizza for bitcoins?
5/18/2019 2:36:03 PM tim-bc (Summary) GameKyuubi (Summary) 1 I AM HODLING
5/7/2019 5:38:57 PM tim-bc (Summary) drmilind2004 (Summary) 1 Re: Capitalism vs. Socialism - Make your argument here.
4/4/2019 5:44:17 PM tim-bc (Summary) devans (Summary) 20 Re: bustabit – The original crash game
3/21/2019 4:08:53 PM tim-bc (Summary) devans (Summary) 10 Re: bustabit – The original crash game
1/24/2019 4:24:18 AM tim-bc (Summary) darewaller (Summary) 1 Re: How to choose a good casino among the many others?
1/24/2019 4:05:29 AM tim-bc (Summary) thierry4wd (Summary) 1 repair a T9 after a bad firmware (lost chain)
1/24/2019 4:03:28 AM tim-bc (Summary) philipma1957 (Summary) 1 Re: Braiins OS: open-source mining firmware [S9, T1]. New release includes AsicBoost
1/22/2019 7:40:41 PM tim-bc (Summary) butok (Summary) 1 Re: Antminer S9/S9i firmware - Full voltage/frequency control - HAS HIDDEN DEV FEE
1/8/2019 4:49:09 PM tim-bc (Summary) fanatic26_ (Summary) 1 Re: [Antminer S9] Miner stops hashing - all stats freeze except LSTime
12/28/2018 10:42:00 PM tim-bc (Summary) thierry4wd (Summary) 1 Antminer T9 Mod Eco FREE POWER : FULL FREE
10/21/2018 2:28:33 AM tim-bc (Summary) TECSHARE (Summary) 1 Re: Capitalism vs. Socialism - Make your argument here.
10/21/2018 2:25:25 AM tim-bc (Summary) alex1560 (Summary) 1 How to remove heat sinks on Antminers and mount Water Blocks - Video
10/9/2018 1:15:09 AM tim-bc (Summary) fanatic26_ (Summary) 1 Re: Antminer S9 hashboard showing up correct but with 0 hashrate
10/2/2018 9:04:33 PM tim-bc (Summary) Jet Cash (Summary) 1 Re: The rising suicide rate
8/25/2018 12:39:09 PM tim-bc (Summary) sklayer (Summary) 1 How To Overclock Your S9/T9 ,T9,R4 To 18TH/s Free.
6/25/2018 8:50:51 PM tim-bc (Summary) RadekG2 (Summary) 1 Antminer S9 FW with voltage/fan/frequency control
6/25/2018 1:43:46 AM tim-bc (Summary) -ck (Summary) 1 Re: Dragonmint T1 "ERROR - failed to recv spi data"
4/6/2018 3:33:37 PM tim-bc (Summary) fanatic26 (Summary) 1 Re: How to address "PIC need restore" from Antminer S9 kernel?

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