sMerit sent from philipma1957 to HagssFIN

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Date/Time From To Number Post
3/8/2021 1:00:35 AM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 1 Re: Antminer 3.2A fan upgrade or fan controller
2/28/2021 7:06:21 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 2 Re: DragonMint T1 16TH/S
1/10/2021 4:07:41 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 1 Re: Number 9! Ninth altcoin thread. Back to the moon Baby!
12/22/2020 6:11:18 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 2 Re: Firmware for WhatsMiner model M1-V1.2 - with ZYNQ mainboard.
10/19/2020 9:54:36 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 1 Re: good place to sell my Antminer Z15?
9/22/2020 11:52:35 AM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 2 Re: Unknown Dell Power Supply pinout
7/13/2020 10:58:54 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 3 Re: Some very 'bad' news on s19 shipments.
11/19/2019 3:05:10 AM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 2 PandaMiner is releasing their first BTC miner, PandaMiner P3
7/12/2019 4:44:54 AM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 2 (Review/Guide) AvalonMiner 1041 31.0 Th/s, 1736 W Bitcoin (SHA-256) ASIC miner
6/18/2019 12:24:59 AM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 7 (Review/Guide) WhatsMiner M20S 68.0 Th/s, 3260 W Bitcoin (SHA-256) ASIC miner
5/31/2019 10:56:12 AM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 2 Re: 220/240V North America power meter - DIY Under 60$ CAD
4/16/2019 9:51:34 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 2 Notes from my journey to Beijing & visiting Canaan Creative in March 10-15, 2018
3/31/2019 6:27:50 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 1 Re: Bitmain introduces the Antminer S17 Pro, Antminer S17, and the Antminer T17
3/15/2019 1:10:41 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 1 Re: Pangolin Whatsminer M10 - 33TH at 2145W
2/2/2019 11:43:35 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 3 (Review/Guide) Antminer S15 27.0 Th/s, 1600 W Bitcoin (SHA-256) ASIC miner
11/13/2018 4:16:08 PM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 1 (Review/Guide) WhatsMiner M10 33.0 Th/s, 2145W Bitcoin (SHA-256) ASIC miner
3/26/2018 3:22:43 AM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 1 (Review/Guide) AvalonMiner 841 13.0 Th/s, 1290W Bitcoin (SHA-256) ASIC miner
2/18/2018 1:01:31 AM philipma1957 (Summary) HagssFIN (Summary) 7 Re: (Review/Guide) AvalonMiner 821 11.0 Th/s, 1200W Bitcoin (SHA-256) ASIC miner

Sum of merit: 41
Total records: 18