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2/11/2024 7:13:21 PM knowngunman (Summary) Huppercase (Summary) 3 Re: Quitting Smoking Has Two Big Benefits.
2/9/2024 8:50:13 PM knowngunman (Summary) Humblevirus (Summary) 1 Re: Quick money wahala
2/9/2024 8:48:43 PM knowngunman (Summary) Humblevirus (Summary) 2 Re: Fund for Bitcoin promotion
2/9/2024 8:47:16 PM knowngunman (Summary) Humblevirus (Summary) 2 Re: The 4W every newbie should know, so as to navigate your way easily
1/1/2024 7:30:39 AM knowngunman (Summary) Stable090 (Summary) 2 Re: Newbie alert, my people I need help to know more about this platform.
1/1/2024 7:28:12 AM knowngunman (Summary) Dzwaafu11 (Summary) 2 Bitcoin vs altcoins-projected marketcap.
12/25/2023 1:43:29 PM knowngunman (Summary) Jegileman (Summary) 3 Re: SATOSHI(the smaller units of Bitcoin) and why e dey important.
12/21/2023 1:08:05 AM knowngunman (Summary) AYOBA (Summary) 2 Re: Your take on buying an expensive phone like iPhone 15
12/21/2023 1:06:38 AM knowngunman (Summary) AYOBA (Summary) 3 Re: Is Nigeria a failed project ?
12/18/2023 12:06:08 PM knowngunman (Summary) Alpha Marine (Summary) 5 Insurance is important
12/17/2023 2:22:44 PM knowngunman (Summary) SOKO-DEKE (Summary) 5 Re: [v2][Self Moderated] In Merits, Count Down To Your Next Rank...
12/16/2023 8:01:17 AM knowngunman (Summary) Chilwell (Summary) 3 Trade vs. HODL - avoid traps
12/13/2023 7:07:48 AM knowngunman (Summary) Nheer (Summary) 2 Re: unnecessarily quoting by members of the forum.
12/13/2023 7:07:04 AM knowngunman (Summary) Nheer (Summary) 2 Re: I’m a newbie here
12/13/2023 7:02:40 AM knowngunman (Summary) Egii Nna (Summary) 3 Re: Waste of money can be utilise in another source
12/13/2023 7:01:31 AM knowngunman (Summary) Egii Nna (Summary) 2 Re: Hardwork no longer incur success
12/9/2023 9:03:17 PM knowngunman (Summary) Stable090 (Summary) 2 Some scams that can be avoided that people failed to check!!!
11/26/2023 7:58:20 AM knowngunman (Summary) HajiBagi (Summary) 2 Re: Is the government can really make a way to end poverty or it depends on us?
11/26/2023 7:57:09 AM knowngunman (Summary) HajiBagi (Summary) 1 Re: unnecessarily quoting by members of the forum.
11/23/2023 5:14:21 AM knowngunman (Summary) Stable090 (Summary) 1 Re: Why most people for naija believe say Bitcoin na scam?
11/12/2023 10:23:13 AM knowngunman (Summary) Egii Nna (Summary) 2 Additional details and explanations regarding merkle trees
11/8/2023 8:24:30 PM knowngunman (Summary) Antotena (Summary) 3 GUIDE:Important factors to take into account while choosing a wallet
11/8/2023 8:22:14 PM knowngunman (Summary) Antotena (Summary) 3 How to navigate through these challenging economic times
11/8/2023 2:27:11 PM knowngunman (Summary) Issa56 (Summary) 2 Re: 16k DOLLARS LOSS IN JUST 1 YEAR
11/5/2023 9:46:10 AM knowngunman (Summary) Dzwaafu11 (Summary) 2 Re: Bitcoin is life
11/5/2023 9:44:46 AM knowngunman (Summary) Dzwaafu11 (Summary) 1 Re: First buy Bitcoin as a newbie, good way to start.
11/4/2023 9:10:00 AM knowngunman (Summary) Sim_card (Summary) 3 Centralized Exchange and Decentralized Exchange
11/4/2023 9:05:27 AM knowngunman (Summary) Sim_card (Summary) 2 Re: Vitalik Buterin X account hack & lessons learnt
11/4/2023 9:00:13 AM knowngunman (Summary) Sim_card (Summary) 2 Re: What to do with 1 BTC as a Nigerian
10/5/2023 12:29:06 PM knowngunman (Summary) Dzwaafu11 (Summary) 2 Re: What Inspired Me To Invest In Bitcoin.
10/5/2023 12:28:10 PM knowngunman (Summary) Dzwaafu11 (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin For Everyone
10/5/2023 12:25:49 PM knowngunman (Summary) Huppercase (Summary) 2 [List]Merit Source pipeline applications (New and Old)
9/29/2023 5:12:09 AM knowngunman (Summary) Chilwell (Summary) 2 List 4 interesting Bitcoin statistics
9/29/2023 5:10:12 AM knowngunman (Summary) Chilwell (Summary) 1 Unboxing Ledger Nano S Plus 2023
9/22/2023 7:05:56 PM knowngunman (Summary) Antotena (Summary) 4 How to strengthen our own Naira against other currencies
7/24/2023 9:58:07 PM knowngunman (Summary) Adams0001 (Summary) 2 Commercial banks to trade FOREX freely, is this a good sign for crypto trading?
7/23/2023 11:25:36 AM knowngunman (Summary) SmartCharpa (Summary) 2 Naija internet Phsiphing scam on the rise-Opay scam be aware
7/6/2023 8:57:13 AM knowngunman (Summary) Nheer (Summary) 1 Re: investment advice?
7/6/2023 8:55:17 AM knowngunman (Summary) Nheer (Summary) 2 Re: Advantage and disadvantage of cryptocurrency
7/3/2023 5:12:06 PM knowngunman (Summary) Adams0001 (Summary) 2 Hello bitcointalkers! Public and private keys/open and closed source wallet?
7/3/2023 5:09:18 PM knowngunman (Summary) Adams0001 (Summary) 2 Hong Kong to allow banks to accept crypto firms as client
7/3/2023 4:06:38 PM knowngunman (Summary) Stable090 (Summary) 3 Binance deposit address expiring
7/2/2023 3:03:47 PM knowngunman (Summary) Ever-young (Summary) 1 +0.54056624 BTC Scam mail
7/1/2023 8:16:03 AM knowngunman (Summary) Ndabagi01 (Summary) 2 14 years ago today, the first Bitcoin was mined.
7/1/2023 7:08:08 AM knowngunman (Summary) Sim_card (Summary) 3 Teaching Bitcoin is not do or die
6/6/2023 5:59:23 PM knowngunman (Summary) Perfectbaby (Summary) 2 Re: Naija Novice Hangout {Newbies introduction & Orientation} Thread.
6/4/2023 3:23:18 PM knowngunman (Summary) Chilwell (Summary) 1 CBN DON SET ANOTHER DEADLINE FOR THE DEPOSIT OF OLD NOTE
5/20/2023 5:01:59 PM knowngunman (Summary) HajiBagi (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin overshadowed by economic lie
5/20/2023 5:00:38 PM knowngunman (Summary) HajiBagi (Summary) 2 Some superior aspects of Bitcoin over Banks we overlook.
4/28/2023 9:16:04 AM knowngunman (Summary) Josefjix (Summary) 2 Re: Changed language in history. Bought? Hacked?
4/26/2023 9:04:50 AM knowngunman (Summary) Stepstowealth (Summary) 2 My step to promote bitcoin (Part 2).
4/26/2023 8:54:11 AM knowngunman (Summary) Dzwaafu11 (Summary) 2 Re: Today is the story of my investment in Bitcoin
4/26/2023 8:53:36 AM knowngunman (Summary) Dzwaafu11 (Summary) 2 Why is Bitcoin transactions in batches?
4/19/2023 3:40:44 PM knowngunman (Summary) Davidvictorson (Summary) 1 Re: Info-thread: Translation of Useful English topics to Naija languages, pidgin etc
4/17/2023 3:53:59 PM knowngunman (Summary) Dzwaafu11 (Summary) 3 Don't invest money you can't afford to lose out of greed.
4/10/2023 10:37:11 AM knowngunman (Summary) CryptSafe (Summary) 1 The State of Nigeria education.
4/10/2023 10:36:38 AM knowngunman (Summary) CryptSafe (Summary) 2 Re: Stay humble and go your own way (invest in yourself) - the best strategy of 2022
4/8/2023 9:13:02 PM knowngunman (Summary) Chilwell (Summary) 1 Re: The Role of Currency Spectators In Currency Value Case Study of 9ja ₦ vs $
4/8/2023 9:11:28 PM knowngunman (Summary) Dzwaafu11 (Summary) 2 Some of the most common mistakes we make as beginners, and how to avoid them.
4/6/2023 10:13:01 PM knowngunman (Summary) Stable090 (Summary) 3 Basic things beginners should know before investing in cryptocurrency.
4/4/2023 9:35:51 PM knowngunman (Summary) Huppercase (Summary) 2 Some quick icons that give newbies hint about threads
4/4/2023 9:31:44 PM knowngunman (Summary) Huppercase (Summary) 2 A recap of Theymos April fool Jokes from 2015 till date
2/9/2023 7:38:48 PM knowngunman (Summary) examplens (Summary) 1 Re: Discrimination against bounty hunters
1/23/2023 6:57:45 AM knowngunman (Summary) Wiwo (Summary) 1 Inec voters verification 2023 Election
12/7/2022 10:51:09 AM knowngunman (Summary) Wiwo (Summary) 1 Re: Nigeria (Naija)
11/5/2022 12:28:38 PM knowngunman (Summary) CryptopreneurBrainboss (Summary) 1 Re: Nigeria (Naija)

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