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iThe sMerit report shows information about each sMerit transaction that BPIP has recorded between users. Specifying at least who the sMerit was sent "From" or who it was sent "To:" is required. Under the "Report Options" button, a minimum/maximum amount of sMerit involved and a date/time range can be specified.

Date/Time From To Number Post
6/27/2018 6:19:08 PM Xynerise (Summary) Carlton Banks (Summary) 2 Re: BLS signatures (better than Schnorr)
6/26/2018 6:18:08 PM Xynerise (Summary) Carlton Banks (Summary) 2 Re: BLS signatures (better than Schnorr)
5/31/2018 11:22:14 AM Xynerise (Summary) Heisenberg_Hunter (Summary) 2 Re: Time locked transactions
5/22/2018 8:23:47 PM Xynerise (Summary) Rath_ (Summary) 1 Re: Best android wallets
5/21/2018 5:52:29 AM Xynerise (Summary) Thirdspace (Summary) 1 Re: About the private key
5/11/2018 5:27:54 PM Xynerise (Summary) monsterer2 (Summary) 1 Re: Sacrificing Decentralization for Scalability
5/9/2018 8:16:18 AM Xynerise (Summary) mocacinno (Summary) 2 Re: How easy do you think blockchain can utilized for patient data storage?
5/8/2018 3:20:41 PM Xynerise (Summary) juvo_3 (Summary) 2 Re: How/Why to trust Anonymous Developers and code?
5/8/2018 9:09:48 AM Xynerise (Summary) bob123 (Summary) 1 Re: Send bitcoin to own same wallet's another address require fee?
5/7/2018 10:15:15 PM Xynerise (Summary) DannyHamilton (Summary) 2 Re: The maximum number of coins in BC 0.8?
5/7/2018 7:38:21 PM Xynerise (Summary) Ix (Summary) 2 Re: Transaction inputs and outputs not needed?
5/7/2018 11:22:05 AM Xynerise (Summary) aplistir (Summary) 2 Re: python script to change generating point of secp256k1
5/5/2018 5:25:47 PM Xynerise (Summary) yahoo62278 (Summary) 1 Re: Yahoo62278 Sig & Avatar Campaign(High merit required)(OPEN)
5/4/2018 5:23:07 AM Xynerise (Summary) ZmnSCPxj (Summary) 2 Re: Is Lightning Network inherently flawed due to required 24/7 online
5/4/2018 2:59:33 AM Xynerise (Summary) JohnGalt (Summary) 1 Re: Can a HD XPubkey be obtained back from a derived public address?
5/1/2018 11:55:21 AM Xynerise (Summary) HeRetiK (Summary) 2 Re: Is Bitcoin upgradeable to support smart contract?
4/30/2018 11:00:37 AM Xynerise (Summary) ETFbitcoin (Summary) 2 Re: Any timeframes for full Lightning Network implementation?
4/30/2018 4:21:03 AM Xynerise (Summary) nc50lc (Summary) 1 Re: Send/Recieve BTC to the same address (looping)
4/26/2018 11:06:43 AM Xynerise (Summary) HCP (Summary) 2 Re: What is the difference between createmultisig and addmultisigaddress?
4/25/2018 5:58:27 AM Xynerise (Summary) achow101 (Summary) 1 Re: Why Transaction Fees in the First Place?
4/24/2018 9:14:30 PM Xynerise (Summary) Abdussamad (Summary) 2 Re: [GUIDE] Importing Electrum Segwit Private Key Into Bitcoin Core (And Vice Versa)
4/21/2018 2:13:54 PM Xynerise (Summary) HeRetiK (Summary) 1 Re: Is LN a first step to Proof of Stake sidechains?
4/18/2018 11:53:10 AM Xynerise (Summary) s2 (Summary) 2 Re: to what degree could lightning network improve speed?
4/16/2018 7:43:21 PM Xynerise (Summary) achow101 (Summary) 2 Re: Lightning Network / Bitcoin scaling question
4/14/2018 5:17:59 PM Xynerise (Summary) ranochigo (Summary) 1 Re: Any other Operating systems with a built-in Crypto wallet?
4/14/2018 5:14:19 PM Xynerise (Summary) aplistir (Summary) 1 Re: Dormant Bitcoin Address Mining Homemade Way
4/13/2018 6:26:38 PM Xynerise (Summary) AdolfinWolf (Summary) 1 Re: Storing 5 years in a wallet?
4/13/2018 5:37:23 AM Xynerise (Summary) bill gator (Summary) 1
4/12/2018 2:48:05 PM Xynerise (Summary) DannyHamilton (Summary) 2 Re: Bitcoin transaction signature
4/12/2018 8:47:52 AM Xynerise (Summary) starmyc (Summary) 1 Re: Question about ports numbers
4/10/2018 11:09:54 AM Xynerise (Summary) bob123 (Summary) 1 Re: Early stage mining why different address for each blocks mined?
4/9/2018 6:56:29 PM Xynerise (Summary) RGBKey (Summary) 2 Re: Transactions per second with the Lightning Network?
4/6/2018 10:57:30 PM Xynerise (Summary) achow101 (Summary) 1 Re: Lightning Network -QA
4/4/2018 4:46:00 PM Xynerise (Summary) aleksej996 (Summary) 1 Re: Actual Process for Creating New BTC for Mining Reward
4/4/2018 4:48:56 AM Xynerise (Summary) RGBKey (Summary) 1 Re: How long does a nano ledger s last?
4/4/2018 4:46:39 AM Xynerise (Summary) achow101 (Summary) 2 Re: What's the worst thing that could happen with Schnorr signature
4/4/2018 4:40:55 AM Xynerise (Summary) amaclin1 (Summary) 2 Re: How to ping a blockchain network
4/2/2018 5:16:18 AM Xynerise (Summary) DooMAD (Summary) 2 Re: The Lightning Network's penalty system in action
4/1/2018 10:35:59 AM Xynerise (Summary) HeRetiK (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin theory and Bandwidth Utilization over time.
4/1/2018 8:42:43 AM Xynerise (Summary) Piggy (Summary) 1 Re: New new rank requirements
3/29/2018 3:29:22 PM Xynerise (Summary) Heisenberg_Hunter (Summary) 1 Re: Changing Max Supply after released
3/29/2018 11:00:44 AM Xynerise (Summary) mocacinno (Summary) 1 Re: Suggestion: Merit Phase 2 - Drain the Swamp (@theymos)
3/28/2018 4:41:39 PM Xynerise (Summary) dumplingsandsushi (Summary) 1 Re: All Crypto assets stolen from Exodus - Anything I can do?
3/28/2018 4:35:25 PM Xynerise (Summary) HeRetiK (Summary) 1 Re: If new version source exist in network, all follow?
3/27/2018 8:07:01 PM Xynerise (Summary) hugeblack (Summary) 1 Re: Will it be possible to user bitcoin core without downloading whole blockchain ?
3/21/2018 9:11:38 AM Xynerise (Summary) Blue Tyrant (Summary) 1 Re: Logic behind BTC 8 decimal places ETH 18 decimal places
3/19/2018 2:07:54 PM Xynerise (Summary) AGD (Summary) 1 Are we all criminals? Bitcoin Blockchain contains illegal data.
3/19/2018 3:01:27 AM Xynerise (Summary) yo_mama (Summary) 1 What happens when all nodes on the blockchain go offline?
3/18/2018 5:56:07 AM Xynerise (Summary) malevolent (Summary) 1 Re: Addresses with 0.00005460 BTCs history
3/18/2018 5:55:56 AM Xynerise (Summary) malevolent (Summary) 1 Re: Addresses with 0.00005460 BTCs history
3/16/2018 7:27:48 PM Xynerise (Summary) starmyc (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin Core 0.16 and bech32
3/16/2018 5:42:58 AM Xynerise (Summary) DooMAD (Summary) 1 Re: Can someone please answer me on this with LN ?
3/16/2018 5:35:06 AM Xynerise (Summary) achow101 (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin Core 0.16 and bech32
3/14/2018 6:53:48 PM Xynerise (Summary) ranochigo (Summary) 1 Re: Can someone explain this transaction?
3/13/2018 5:07:05 PM Xynerise (Summary) HCP (Summary) 1 Re: Does Ledger Give Different Extended Public Keys for Both Segwit and Legacy Addr
3/12/2018 6:07:29 PM Xynerise (Summary) Lassie (Summary) 1 Re: Looking for BTC transaction to be confirmed
3/10/2018 6:37:39 AM Xynerise (Summary) nc50lc (Summary) 1 Re: Is using a pushtx service safe?
3/7/2018 5:58:12 PM Xynerise (Summary) AdolfinWolf (Summary) 1 Re: My private key is not accepted by any other wallet.
3/6/2018 1:36:21 PM Xynerise (Summary) HeRetiK (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin upgrade - possible to run a Turing complete state machine?
3/2/2018 7:38:55 AM Xynerise (Summary) Chironexxx (Summary) 1 Re: I forgot password of my wallet.dat file from 2013 "13.8 BTC"
2/26/2018 7:14:50 PM Xynerise (Summary) achow101 (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 binaries available
2/24/2018 4:53:27 PM Xynerise (Summary) Coin-1 (Summary) 1 Re: Is this correct?
2/24/2018 6:53:30 AM Xynerise (Summary) nullius (Summary) 2 Quantum FUDĀ®, and the Nullian Flying Fire Hydrant Rule
2/23/2018 6:45:09 AM Xynerise (Summary) ETFbitcoin (Summary) 1 Re: How to handle more than 2k plus number of transactions in 10 minutes
2/21/2018 9:27:26 PM Xynerise (Summary) DannyHamilton (Summary) 1 Re: How can electrum seed be secure
2/21/2018 9:19:25 PM Xynerise (Summary) DannyHamilton (Summary) 1
2/21/2018 1:54:51 PM Xynerise (Summary) monsterer2 (Summary) 1 Re: How does PoW overcome BFT
2/20/2018 8:21:09 AM Xynerise (Summary) squatter (Summary) 1 Re: The year is 2020 - Lightning Network is a huge success! What now?
2/20/2018 12:29:58 AM Xynerise (Summary) DannyHamilton (Summary) 1 Re: Conway's Game of Life as PoW problem
2/18/2018 10:32:17 AM Xynerise (Summary) RAV4GOLD (Summary) 1 Re: Paid too much, what happens now?
2/12/2018 6:42:31 PM Xynerise (Summary) nullius (Summary) 1 segvan: Segwit vanity address & bulk address generator
2/11/2018 1:23:13 PM Xynerise (Summary) TheQuin (Summary) 1 Re: import SegWit address private key
2/8/2018 10:56:47 PM Xynerise (Summary) DannyHamilton (Summary) 1 Re: I found a collision. The hard part is proving it.
2/7/2018 5:00:07 PM Xynerise (Summary) nullius (Summary) 1 Re: Do you think that ....
2/7/2018 4:25:20 PM Xynerise (Summary) pebwindkraft (Summary) 1 Re: Understanding transactions (testnet)
2/6/2018 5:35:04 PM Xynerise (Summary) ranochigo (Summary) 1 Re: Empty Blocks:Good or bad?
2/3/2018 4:48:53 AM Xynerise (Summary) HCP (Summary) 1 Re: Get Xpub for Specific Address on Ledger Nano
2/3/2018 4:44:53 AM Xynerise (Summary) ranochigo (Summary) 1 Re: How to prevent my bitcoin address has too many inputs?
2/2/2018 7:14:33 AM Xynerise (Summary) ChiBitCTy (Summary) 1 Important Lighting Network reading- for everyone!
2/2/2018 7:13:54 AM Xynerise (Summary) TheQuin (Summary) 1 Re: Important Lighting Network reading- for everyone!
2/2/2018 4:58:42 AM Xynerise (Summary) dinofelis (Summary) 1 Re: Important Lighting Network reading- for everyone!
1/30/2018 5:26:36 PM Xynerise (Summary) nullius (Summary) 1 Re: How do I calculate the Exponent for public/private keys
1/29/2018 10:07:27 PM Xynerise (Summary) bitperson (Summary) 2 Re: Associating previous transaction IDs with new wallet / signature-based recovery
1/26/2018 9:51:59 AM Xynerise (Summary) NytHawk (Summary) 1 Question regarding Multi Signature Addresses
1/26/2018 6:17:02 AM Xynerise (Summary) vanobe (Summary) 1 Re: Merit & new rank requirements
1/25/2018 8:50:03 AM Xynerise (Summary) Mitchell (Summary) 1 Overview of Bitcointalk Signature-Ad Campaigns [Last update: 29-Dec-2019]

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