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2019-03-19 3:21:00 PM VoskCoin dagarair 1 Re: Are FPGA Miners Profitable? Hash Altcoin Blackminer F1+ FPGA Miner Review
2019-02-28 1:49:00 PM VoskCoin dagarair 1 Re: The Mole M8 designed for ZEC that expected rate of return is 46.4% annually.
2019-01-16 8:24:00 PM VoskCoin dagarair 1 Re: How To Mine Grin Coin | Windows & Linux Mining Guide + What is GrinCoin anyway?
2018-08-02 2:17:00 PM VoskCoin dagarair 2 A Man, A Dream and a 4MW Facility. My journey setting this badboy up

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