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12/25/2019 9:10:50 AM Red-Apple (Summary) Hhampuz (Summary) 4 FREE MERIT COME FAST BEFORE I RUN OUT [Happy Holidays]
10/31/2019 12:51:05 PM Red-Apple (Summary) BitCryptex (Summary) 1 Re: Testnet Strange Behavior ??
10/30/2019 4:07:13 PM Red-Apple (Summary) tk808 (Summary) 1 Why are you involved with Crypto?
10/29/2019 12:34:05 PM Red-Apple (Summary) veleten (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin's Latest "Fall" Was Manipulated
10/29/2019 10:36:07 AM Red-Apple (Summary) poptok1 (Summary) 1 Re: Survey on Bitcoin ownership
10/27/2019 11:45:46 AM Red-Apple (Summary) figmentofmyass (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin's Latest "Fall" Was Manipulated
10/27/2019 11:45:44 AM Red-Apple (Summary) The Pharmacist (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin's Latest "Fall" Was Manipulated
10/21/2019 10:35:18 AM Red-Apple (Summary) vycl87 (Summary) 1 Don't Believe ShapeShift's Trap. There is No Cheap Hardware Wallet!
9/29/2019 11:42:25 AM Red-Apple (Summary) bbc.reporter (Summary) 1 Bitcoin wallets on older iphones are insecure
9/24/2019 11:35:23 AM Red-Apple (Summary) bbc.reporter (Summary) 2 [NEWS] Binance accused of demanding for protection money from Digibyte
9/11/2019 10:53:46 AM Red-Apple (Summary) CryptopreneurBrainboss (Summary) 1 Re: Mass adoption growing or decreasing?
9/9/2019 2:07:39 PM Red-Apple (Summary) mocacinno (Summary) 1 Re: a bitcoin prv key with 3.50 bitcoin help ..
9/5/2019 9:15:49 AM Red-Apple (Summary) CryptopreneurBrainboss (Summary) 1 Re: Why does BlockFi offer small lenders a high yield?
8/20/2019 1:11:28 PM Red-Apple (Summary) BitCryptex (Summary) 2 Re: is there a way to send "all remaining amount" when using pay to many?
8/15/2019 10:54:15 AM Red-Apple (Summary) pankowri (Summary) 1 Do or Die for ETH
8/13/2019 11:26:35 AM Red-Apple (Summary) bob123 (Summary) 1 Re: Binance Hackers Bombard Chipmixer to Launder at Least 4,836 BTC
7/25/2019 8:55:17 AM Red-Apple (Summary) Totyamuri (Summary) 1 Re: Don't trust Satowallet!
7/24/2019 10:48:29 AM Red-Apple (Summary) BitMaxz (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin system diagrams
7/20/2019 8:06:00 AM Red-Apple (Summary) mk4 (Summary) 1 Re: A logo for Satoshis, the smallest unit of a bitcoin.
7/15/2019 12:02:00 PM Red-Apple (Summary) adaseb (Summary) 1 Re: somebody pulled the flush yesterday
7/4/2019 8:58:14 AM Red-Apple (Summary) STT (Summary) 1 Re: somebody pulled the flush yesterday
6/24/2019 10:46:30 AM Red-Apple (Summary) Lagonda (Summary) 1 Re: Libra's chief says, Libra is not a threat to bitcoin
6/24/2019 10:42:31 AM Red-Apple (Summary) bittick (Summary) 1 Re: Eclipse attacks on blockchains
6/15/2019 1:34:16 PM Red-Apple (Summary) Goodvalony (Summary) 1 WILL BOUNITES AND NEW PROJECTS EVER STOP?
6/4/2019 12:03:58 PM Red-Apple (Summary) gmaxwell (Summary) 1 Re: You may not like CSW...
5/9/2019 1:50:13 PM Red-Apple (Summary) butka (Summary) 1 Re: 'Market competition leads to better products for consumers' -Roger Ver
4/28/2019 9:35:24 AM Red-Apple (Summary) r1s2g3 (Summary) 1 Re: Preferred Altcoin?
4/17/2019 9:42:56 AM Red-Apple (Summary) mindrust (Summary) 1 Re: You look for prices in COINMARKETCAP? COINMARKETCAP needs your help today!
4/11/2019 1:59:52 PM Red-Apple (Summary) lifesgood10 (Summary) 1 IEOS are no different from ICO tricks; just an upgrade
4/1/2019 8:57:38 AM Red-Apple (Summary) llustosa (Summary) 1 Re: My Year in Crypto: Spent all my money and this year to build a new blockchain to
3/30/2019 10:26:09 AM Red-Apple (Summary) joniboini (Summary) 1 Re: Our new idea for a crypto wallet
3/30/2019 9:49:30 AM Red-Apple (Summary) jossiel (Summary) 1 Re: which algo is the best?
3/27/2019 10:48:18 AM Red-Apple (Summary) stompix (Summary) 1 Re: Crypto0sy Exploits Gain Serious Attention from Developers! Breaking Viral News!
3/2/2019 11:13:25 AM Red-Apple (Summary) slaman29 (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin bulls vs bears... what side are you on?
2/10/2019 10:51:01 AM Red-Apple (Summary) cissrawk (Summary) 1 Re: Quick exchange
2/9/2019 10:47:30 AM Red-Apple (Summary) maeusi (Summary) 1
1/27/2019 12:42:25 PM Red-Apple (Summary) bitmover (Summary) 1 Re: Eth tx
1/27/2019 12:40:00 PM Red-Apple (Summary) Pffrt (Summary) 1 Can we stop promoting scam project?
1/23/2019 12:10:16 PM Red-Apple (Summary) bob123 (Summary) 1 Re: How could Bitcoin Gold actually suffer from 51% attack?
1/10/2019 11:26:34 AM Red-Apple (Summary) avikz (Summary) 1 Re: Blockchain values to maintain in 2019
12/22/2018 11:29:26 AM Red-Apple (Summary) eddie13 (Summary) 1 Re: What does it mean to buy on the Dip?
12/20/2018 11:53:13 AM Red-Apple (Summary) joseyphil82 (Summary) 1 Warning to all newbies concerning wallets
12/20/2018 11:48:47 AM Red-Apple (Summary) ledsgo (Summary) 1 Re: Electrum XVG disconnect when broadcasting transaction
12/17/2018 11:11:15 AM Red-Apple (Summary) dinoloverpete (Summary) 1 Re: Why so much money in HOT and what does it mean
12/17/2018 10:57:56 AM Red-Apple (Summary) Alluro (Summary) 1 Re: Will constantinople rise ETHEREUM price?
12/4/2018 10:55:58 AM Red-Apple (Summary) GenYGidro (Summary) 2
12/1/2018 8:14:41 AM Red-Apple (Summary) batang_bitcoin (Summary) 1 Re: Why Cryptocurrencies Continue to Suffer From Deep Losses?
11/21/2018 10:23:53 AM Red-Apple (Summary) ðºÞæ (Summary) 3 Your chance to vote on Rippels XRP best feature
11/9/2018 11:50:07 AM Red-Apple (Summary) leea-1334 (Summary) 1 Re: Ethereum vs Ethereum classic
9/28/2018 10:57:38 AM Red-Apple (Summary) Iykecolyno (Summary) 1 Re: Don't be like Bill
9/17/2018 9:56:03 AM Red-Apple (Summary) NeuroticFish (Summary) 1 Re: How to protect against the compromised wallets?
9/15/2018 9:54:13 AM Red-Apple (Summary) Crypto Girl (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin Exchange Arbitrage Opportunities
8/24/2018 10:03:27 AM Red-Apple (Summary) eternalgloom (Summary) 1 Re: Fees have been low after Segwit's growing adoption. Thanks Segwit.
7/1/2018 9:52:06 AM Red-Apple (Summary) Bigbay (Summary) 1
6/26/2018 1:18:27 PM Red-Apple (Summary) muenze (Summary) 5 Can ETH go back to $5? I mean its a FRAUD, whenever Bitcoin goes up, ETH goes up
6/8/2018 11:32:05 AM Red-Apple (Summary) Bharathi13 (Summary) 5 What is crypto pump? How to take advantage & Earn Max From?
6/3/2018 11:28:51 AM Red-Apple (Summary) adzino (Summary) 1 Re: Atomic cross chain trading
5/26/2018 9:23:50 AM Red-Apple (Summary) bitmover (Summary) 1
5/24/2018 11:45:21 AM Red-Apple (Summary) bob123 (Summary) 1 Re: Can you recieve stolen bitcoins using a bitcoin mixer?
5/21/2018 10:14:42 AM Red-Apple (Summary) hugeblack (Summary) 1 LN: Bitcoin could theoretically scale beyond VISA.
4/30/2018 10:04:16 AM Red-Apple (Summary) kingkonjac (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin and altcoin: Who will take control of the market?
4/6/2018 10:07:37 AM Red-Apple (Summary) franky1 (Summary) 2 Re: Tom Lee Estimates BTC taxes are around 25 billion owed
4/4/2018 10:39:51 AM Red-Apple (Summary) mk4 (Summary) 1 Re: I need the Explanation with example of few terms in Crypto Market!
3/29/2018 10:54:21 AM Red-Apple (Summary) cryptocrusher (Summary) 1 Let's talk volume.
3/23/2018 11:31:53 AM Red-Apple (Summary) megalith researcher (Summary) 1 Re: How many types of Altcoin are there?
2/22/2018 12:21:04 PM Red-Apple (Summary) BrewMaster (Summary) 1 Re: Suggestion: Redistributing Lost Funds by Erosion
2/14/2018 2:00:13 PM Red-Apple (Summary) OmegaStarScream (Summary) 1 Bitcoin making alts useless
2/13/2018 10:53:18 AM Red-Apple (Summary) HardFireMiner (Summary) 1 Re: Electroneum partnering with SAMSUNG!!! What do you think about this?
2/1/2018 11:35:15 AM Red-Apple (Summary) IamAltcoinfan (Summary) 1 India Support Blockchain Technology finance mininster said
1/28/2018 12:06:48 PM Red-Apple (Summary) muenze (Summary) 1 People paying $1200 for 1 Ethereum are crazy... You only get rich buying CHEAP
1/28/2018 11:46:58 AM Red-Apple (Summary) talkbitcoin (Summary) 1 Re: What you think, Bitcoin needs some regulation ?

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