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8/27/2019 2:46:10 AM Quickseller mikeywith 1 Re: Statistics on percentages of DT1, DT2 & normal users in top 100 merited profiles
4/22/2019 1:58:20 AM Quickseller mikeywith 1 Re: Leave negative feedback for Yobit spamming?
4/9/2019 11:22:23 PM Quickseller mikeywith 1 Re: What will happen with deceased DT members' feedback?
2/12/2019 8:42:06 PM Quickseller mikeywith 3 Re: What is Quickseller trying to hide? Gruesome stuff I'm sure. Hasn't denied it.
2/4/2019 4:06:44 AM Quickseller mikeywith 3 Re: Discussion about subjective behaviors that may result in a red tag.
12/19/2018 3:09:15 PM Quickseller mikeywith 5 Re: DT trust ABUSE by people here. Needs attention at once before goes out of hand

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