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1/25/2021 2:00:26 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) o_e_l_e_o (Summary) 1 Re: Mnemonic Slots
1/25/2021 1:46:33 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) GreatArkansas (Summary) 1 Re: Ethereum - Restore old wallets
11/5/2019 7:09:46 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Silberman (Summary) 1 Re: why can't Libra or China's DCEP just link to BTC network like Tether USDT did
11/2/2019 6:27:42 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) TheQuin (Summary) 1 Re: - Win a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2!!
10/27/2019 8:33:56 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Red-Apple (Summary) 1 Bitcoin's Latest "Fall" Was Manipulated
10/26/2019 8:05:25 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Danumsigwasan (Summary) 1 Binance could be Wash Trading Latest Statistics Show
10/26/2019 7:57:24 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) TheQuin (Summary) 1 Re: - Win a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2!!
10/24/2019 8:26:29 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) mocacinno (Summary) 1 Re: Real-time hashrate chart?
10/22/2019 8:19:29 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) DaveF (Summary) 1 Re: Returning to crypto since the bubble. How to split BCH?
10/16/2019 3:35:33 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) Ucy (Summary) 1 Re: What do you think about the first IEO-STO hybrid - Security Token Exchange Offer
10/16/2019 3:16:46 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) Yaunfitda (Summary) 1 I'm a Big Fan of Bitcoin, Libra's Chief David Marcus Says
10/13/2019 6:07:15 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) GSpgh (Summary) 1 Re: Ethereum Never Designed for Scalability
10/9/2019 7:09:42 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) hosseinimr93 (Summary) 1 Re: - Win a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2!!
10/7/2019 5:50:19 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) bitmover (Summary) 1 Re: Crypto at Risk Due to Malware
10/5/2019 7:53:02 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) CryptopreneurBrainboss (Summary) 1 Different type of altcoins have their season which attract scammers be watchful
10/2/2019 1:01:37 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) Devawnm367 (Summary) 1 Re: A bitcoin Mining Farm burned down at the same time as a 119 min Block time!
9/24/2019 9:25:27 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) GreatArkansas (Summary) 1 Re: Why will BTC halving stimulate price growth?
9/18/2019 12:39:13 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) Ashes4Beauty (Summary) 1 Holding Altcoins can get you Rekt
9/16/2019 7:52:32 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Royse777 (Summary) 1 Re: What are we really investing in bitcoin?
9/16/2019 5:41:54 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) veleten (Summary) 1 Re: - Win a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2!!
9/15/2019 8:19:50 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) squatter (Summary) 1 Re: [LF] Toolk thats hold or freezes btc by set time.
9/10/2019 7:00:39 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) benjamin07 (Summary) 4 How I saved myself
9/2/2019 7:14:18 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) TheUltraElite (Summary) 2 Re: ICO and IEO running at same time for same project
8/28/2019 5:54:01 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) rosezionjohn (Summary) 1 Re: No ICO. No IEO. No Token Sale. No BS.
8/13/2019 6:23:23 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) NeuroticFish (Summary) 1 Re: Suspected Bitcoin mining scam
8/12/2019 6:17:59 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Cointikka (Summary) 1 Understand this - Bitcoin is not a commodity it is a working product
8/8/2019 6:49:21 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) theymos (Summary) 1 Re: Anthony Pompliano holds 50% of Net Worth In Bitcoin
8/7/2019 5:42:39 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) BitHodler (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin’s Price May Be Building for a Move Back Above $11K
8/7/2019 5:37:08 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Red-Apple (Summary) 3 Re: If they can print unlimited fiat, can they just not buy up all the bitcoin?
8/3/2019 5:49:04 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) sufferer123 (Summary) 1 Re: How To Find The True Value Of Bitcoin
7/25/2019 6:26:10 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) squatter (Summary) 1 Re: Provably Clean Money
7/24/2019 7:10:37 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) joniboini (Summary) 1 Re: Guy will eat his own D live on cam, if bitcoin is not a store of duration by2030
7/2/2019 12:54:25 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) serjent05 (Summary) 1 Re: Why was $13,800 unsustainable?
6/26/2019 9:11:37 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Kakmakr (Summary) 1 Re: The bump in the price are filled with more reward than profit :->
6/20/2019 7:28:41 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Baofeng (Summary) 1 Facebook coin Libra already targeted by US government
6/11/2019 8:42:47 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) wwzsocki (Summary) 1 Don't share your best email or KYC with every bounty or airdrop!!!
6/9/2019 4:38:43 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) ned.ryerson (Summary) 1 Re: Binance stable coin
5/23/2019 5:21:29 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Steamtyme (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin Block Halving cout down
5/22/2019 6:37:00 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) khaled0111 (Summary) 1 Re: how do i get non-standard mined
5/21/2019 6:27:25 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) malevolent (Summary) 1 Re: Create vanity bitcoin addresses four times as fast
5/16/2019 8:03:05 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) hatshepsut93 (Summary) 1 BTC price is much more important than USD price
5/15/2019 4:53:27 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) chenille (Summary) 2 Arguments against XRP, the biggest shitcoin.
5/14/2019 2:09:49 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) BitcoinPanther (Summary) 1 Binance hack, Self inflicted or it didn't happen at all?
5/10/2019 5:44:15 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) vermigerous (Summary) 1 Known Physical Bitcoin Attacks
5/9/2019 7:43:05 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) victorkimba17 (Summary) 1 Re: RPC call to Ethereum node
5/8/2019 4:14:44 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) timmmers (Summary) 1 Funds are no more #SAFU! Binance lied?
5/1/2019 8:24:37 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) NeuroticFish (Summary) 1 Re: Any Use Cases For Dogecoin?
4/10/2019 8:32:37 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) mk4 (Summary) 1 Re: Should I open a LN channel while the fees are low?
4/1/2019 6:20:01 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Baofeng (Summary) 1 Re: Laser-etching a Cold Storage Coin
3/28/2019 6:03:39 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) mocacinno (Summary) 1 Re: Is It Secure To Use Cryptonator Wallet?
3/25/2019 10:33:13 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) liberox (Summary) 1 Re: The end of all ends
3/19/2019 6:34:14 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) avikz (Summary) 1 Re: What can I do to make it more transparent?
3/14/2019 12:42:09 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) OgNasty (Summary) 5 [11.2kW SOLAR/WIND/MAN] NastyMining Green Energy Project ☀️💨💪🔋
3/14/2019 12:39:17 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) Potato Chips (Summary) 2 Re: BITCOIN MINER SAYS SOLAR ENERGY CUTS MINING COSTS BY 75%
3/14/2019 12:39:08 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) Sandus_Cryptolover (Summary) 1 BITCOIN MINER SAYS SOLAR ENERGY CUTS MINING COSTS BY 75%
3/4/2019 6:34:35 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Heisenberg_Hunter (Summary) 1 Re: Confirmations in the source code
3/3/2019 6:25:01 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Franzinatr (Summary) 2 Scammers are now moving into Masternodes (2019 exit scam method)
2/28/2019 5:11:16 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) TryNinja (Summary) 1 Re: spam attack! what is it acheiving?
2/27/2019 8:17:24 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) LoyceV (Summary) 1 Re: Lots of brand new account necro-posting in Bitcoin Discussion board
2/20/2019 6:50:28 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) darklus123 (Summary) 1 Re: Best Way for Bargain Hunting in the Bear Market!
2/20/2019 6:50:25 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Kakmakr (Summary) 1 Re: Best Way for Bargain Hunting in the Bear Market!
2/14/2019 7:30:14 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) antonio_xiii (Summary) 1 Altcoin Blockchain Timestamp Oddity
2/10/2019 7:43:40 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) mOgliE (Summary) 1 Don't fell for FUD. Stand your ground bitcoiners!
1/29/2019 6:48:46 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) ivaf (Summary) 1 Re: Cold Staking- Did it happen?
1/23/2019 8:15:27 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) jeffthebaker (Summary) 1 Re: Why I hate all forms of Altcoin and possibly hate cryptocurrency
1/15/2019 5:56:11 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) hatshepsut93 (Summary) 1 Re: Fake movie file infects Windows and steals or tricks bitcoin users
1/14/2019 7:08:28 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) mk4 (Summary) 3 Re: AMA (Ask Me Anything): Bitcoin in the Philippines
1/10/2019 8:19:56 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) lyhistory (Summary) 1 why separate execution of unlocking and locking scripts
1/6/2019 6:30:05 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) hatshepsut93 (Summary) 1 Re: Is it time to sell Ethereum & all coins , and buy Bitcoin
1/3/2019 1:40:43 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) aplistir (Summary) 1 Re: Hard Fork Question That Blows Your Mind
12/29/2018 5:24:06 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) BTCIV (Summary) 1 Re: Five Reasons Bitcoin Should Be Closed Down
12/23/2018 7:37:15 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) jessyj48 (Summary) 1 Learn from my experience
12/19/2018 6:11:37 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) seoincorporation (Summary) 1 Re: Chains
12/8/2018 5:17:11 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) logfiles (Summary) 1 Re: BTC & All Shit-coin take terrible loss today, except Bitcoin-SV why is this?
11/9/2018 7:14:56 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) F.Developers (Summary) 1 Till date, why is there no crypto that is near Bitcoin's worth?
10/16/2018 6:15:23 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) figmentofmyass (Summary) 1 Re: 2014 vs 2018
10/12/2018 8:17:47 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) batang_bitcoin (Summary) 1 Re: This is the big crash of 2018.
10/5/2018 5:52:28 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) qwk (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin maximalism: is it toxic or a good influence in bitcoin community ?
10/5/2018 5:48:51 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) qwk (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin maximalism: is it toxic or a good influence in bitcoin community ?
10/2/2018 8:26:36 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) ci1990 (Summary) 1 Re: XPR can be used for real payments!
9/25/2018 5:16:42 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) avikz (Summary) 1
9/24/2018 6:54:52 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) avikz (Summary) 1 Re: Predictions if Bitcoin ETFs are approved
9/11/2018 5:38:36 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) peter0425 (Summary) 1 Hackers Breach MEGA Chrome Extension To Steal Crypto Private Keys
9/8/2018 4:56:52 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) DaveF (Summary) 1 Re: Running wallet secure
8/23/2018 5:36:01 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) dogtana (Summary) 1 Re: History might repeat itself once again- The new China ban
8/22/2018 6:32:25 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) ziac (Summary) 1 Know when to stop a HODL/HOLD
8/17/2018 5:48:39 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) STT (Summary) 1
8/11/2018 5:08:09 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) joniboini (Summary) 1 Re: coin mined by one person
7/9/2018 5:40:54 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) deepcryptomine (Summary) 1 Re: Utilization of Eth addresses.
6/26/2018 6:30:38 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) xhomerx10 (Summary) 1 Re: Best coin to buy a cup of Coffee?
6/23/2018 5:14:19 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Jet Cash (Summary) 1 Re: Very strong bear market is back.
6/22/2018 5:40:30 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) HashFace (Summary) 2 List of Forks [updated 4/3/2018]
5/30/2018 6:36:11 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) poornamelessme (Summary) 1 Re: coins for 2x profit
4/24/2018 5:31:52 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) o0‡0o (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin or ETH for long term
4/18/2018 5:56:47 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) metamitya (Summary) 1 What are all possible dimensions along which to evaluate cryptocurrencies?
4/18/2018 5:56:44 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) metamitya (Summary) 1 Re: What are all possible dimensions along which to evaluate cryptocurrencies?
4/1/2018 5:12:41 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Cryptodaddy05 (Summary) 2 Bitcoin Monthly Return Heatmap 2013-2017 - Trade or HODL Long-Term?
3/30/2018 5:38:04 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Wind_FURY (Summary) 1 Re: Let's talk volume.
3/17/2018 6:29:07 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) BrewMaster (Summary) 1 Re: Why mining warning
3/17/2018 6:15:23 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Lieldoryn (Summary) 1 Re: which coins I should hold for profit in the months to come.
3/16/2018 5:43:09 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) BitcoinHodler (Summary) 5 Re: Hodling alts vs trading for more bitcoin
3/2/2018 5:58:56 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Payapa (Summary) 1
2/28/2018 8:24:13 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) OmegaStarScream (Summary) 1 Re: Total value transacted over Bitcoin network?
2/23/2018 5:50:24 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) eternalgloom (Summary) 1 Re: Transaction fee down to $0.11! SegWit works!
2/20/2018 6:44:23 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) HabBear (Summary) 1 Re: Someone Just Bought $400 Million Worth of Bitcoin
2/16/2018 7:20:47 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) mpufatzis (Summary) 5 Re: Question about Eth wallets
2/14/2018 4:47:50 PM Herbert2020 (Summary) Crytptohack (Summary) 5 Re: BTC breakout
2/13/2018 6:08:34 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) silverbu11et (Summary) 1 Re: Is everybody ready to buy Bitcoin now?
2/5/2018 6:37:03 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) BrewMaster (Summary) 3
2/2/2018 7:23:08 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Beefcake (Summary) 1 Re: Bitcoin and Altcoins are in Correction!
2/1/2018 6:20:02 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Sniper44 (Summary) 1
1/31/2018 6:40:07 AM Herbert2020 (Summary) Wind_FURY (Summary) 2 Campaign managers, time to use Segwit and require your posters to use it too

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