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Date/Time From To Number Post
4/5/2021 8:25:15 PM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 2 Re: The shameful Romanian translation of Bitcoin white paper from
7/31/2020 6:34:29 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 Historical Coinmarketcap: ranking of all cryptos at any time from the past
7/31/2020 6:34:11 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 2 Why it’s important to avoid telling everyone about your crypto holdings
7/31/2020 6:33:50 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 List of useful Bitcoin block explorers
7/31/2020 6:33:33 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 Some suggestions if you want to use tables on Bitcointalk
7/31/2020 6:32:59 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 How to add a Bitcoin address to Electrum / difference sweep and import priv. key
7/22/2020 6:28:59 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 [Guide] How to create your customized Bitcoin-Address (vanitygen) – step by step
7/22/2020 6:28:30 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 Make sure to avoid wasting BTC for too high fees – step by step guide (Electrum)
7/22/2020 6:28:08 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 MLM – a dangerous marketing strategy
7/22/2020 6:27:16 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 Is diversification into different coins really a good advice for Newbies?
7/22/2020 6:26:55 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 List of Bitcointalk stats
7/11/2020 8:45:54 PM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 Re: Overview of trusted/recommended Translators
7/1/2020 10:17:45 AM GazetaBitcoin (Summary) 1miau (Summary) 1 Why KYC is extremely dangerous – and useless

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