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Date/Time From To Number Post
11/8/2023 10:20:32 AM Etranger (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 1 Re: Feeling more comfortable while integrating into the forum community
9/30/2023 9:42:41 AM hugeblack (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 1 Re: Learn how scammers capitalise on a trending coin or token. Save your funds.
9/28/2023 9:17:10 AM OmegaStarScream (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 1 Re: Importing seedphrase to Coinbase wallet
9/17/2023 9:07:43 AM iBaba (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 1 Re: I took a proposal to my State Governor to accept Bitcoin Technology
9/16/2023 6:59:32 PM vapourminer (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 1 Re: Community Vote: Add "Cybersecurity & Privacy" board to Bitcointalk.
9/8/2023 12:41:28 PM OmegaStarScream (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 2 Re: Cheapest way to transfer funds to Linea/zkSync
9/6/2023 7:47:53 PM JayJuanGee (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 1 Re: Why reputation is essential on the free market
8/24/2023 3:48:10 AM dbshck (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 2 Re: Any thoughts on Friend(dot)tech circulating now on Twitter?
8/21/2023 2:09:06 PM dbshck (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 4 Any thoughts on Friend(dot)tech circulating now on Twitter?
8/21/2023 3:34:34 AM mk4 (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 2 Any thoughts on Friend(dot)tech circulating now on Twitter?
7/30/2023 12:52:59 PM dbshck (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 4 Free badge on Debank (Potential airdrop)
7/27/2023 12:56:52 PM tokeweed (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 1 Re: Layerzero Speculation airdrop
7/27/2023 2:01:47 AM EFS (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 2 Re: 10 Years
7/22/2023 12:06:33 PM dbshck (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 4 Re: Linea Voyager Quest Discussion
7/6/2023 3:28:06 PM _act_ (Summary) cryptoaddictchie (Summary) 1 Re: General Crypto

Sum of merit: 28
Total records: 15