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iThe sMerit report shows information about each sMerit transaction that BPIP has recorded between users. Specifying at least who the sMerit was sent "From" or who it was sent "To:" is required. Under the "Report Options" button, a minimum/maximum amount of sMerit involved and a date/time range can be specified.

Date/Time From To Number Post
4/29/2021 11:47:10 AM xenon131 (Summary) jwinterm (Summary) 1 Re: Obyte: Totally new consensus algorithm + private untraceable payments
4/28/2021 4:10:03 PM xenon131 (Summary) DdmrDdmr (Summary) 1 Re: Mixers under the threat?
4/24/2021 7:15:25 AM xenon131 (Summary) villain_Mr.Burns (Summary) 1 Флаг пользователю dushanya известная также под и
4/8/2021 3:18:10 PM xenon131 (Summary) izooomrud (Summary) 1 Создание мастерноды за 5 минут на примере GoByte
4/3/2021 8:09:45 AM xenon131 (Summary) Polkeins (Summary) 2 Re: Биткоин майнеры в январе заработали $1 млрk
4/2/2021 1:54:38 PM xenon131 (Summary) Betwrong (Summary) 1 Re: After 1 year of Covid 19 Virus
3/10/2021 12:58:13 PM xenon131 (Summary) paxmao (Summary) 1 Re: Testing a vaccine against a low risk virus.
3/7/2021 12:55:47 PM xenon131 (Summary) Polkeins (Summary) 1 Re: Биткойнталк умирает?
3/5/2021 12:43:04 PM xenon131 (Summary) Cryptmuster (Summary) 1 Re: Так ли хорош браузер Brave?
2/23/2021 8:09:00 PM xenon131 (Summary) XEOP$ (Summary) 3 webtricks: SEED и получение адресов биткойна
2/11/2021 1:48:44 PM xenon131 (Summary) bob123 (Summary) 1 Re: Improving privacy with light wallets (SPV)
2/9/2021 9:19:01 AM xenon131 (Summary) witcher_sense (Summary) 1 Re: Electrum и BIP39
2/9/2021 9:17:42 AM xenon131 (Summary) Andry777 (Summary) 1 Electrum и BIP39
2/7/2021 10:29:28 AM xenon131 (Summary) johhnyUA (Summary) 1 Re: Gambling strategies & tips from professional players
1/31/2021 2:51:00 PM xenon131 (Summary) Captain-Cryptory (Summary) 1 Re: Так ли хорош браузер Brave?
1/25/2021 2:25:33 PM xenon131 (Summary) soliton (Summary) 1 ⚽🏈🏀 🏏🎾💻 Championships discussion threads
1/22/2021 8:32:45 AM xenon131 (Summary) Polkeins (Summary) 2 Re: Последний вагон на север
1/22/2021 8:16:33 AM xenon131 (Summary) Captain-Cryptory (Summary) 1 Re: Ledger Nano S в качестве оборудования 2FA

Sum of merit: 22
Total records: 18