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Date/Time From To Number Post
12/5/2023 6:17:20 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) theymos (Summary) 1 Re: Mixers to be banned
12/5/2023 3:43:44 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) Kruw (Summary) 1 Wasabi Wallet - Open Source, Noncustodial Coinjoin Software
12/4/2023 1:41:06 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) uneng (Summary) 1 Re:$200 FreeBTC⭐Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest
12/2/2023 4:45:32 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) JollyGood (Summary) 1 Re: Mixers to be banned
11/30/2023 9:20:23 PM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) Ultegra134 (Summary) 1 Re: BSV vs BTC. Transactions speed comparison!
11/30/2023 8:15:52 PM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) Ultegra134 (Summary) 1 Re: BSV vs BTC. Transactions speed comparison!
11/27/2023 5:55:07 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) ABCbits (Summary) 1 Re: | Open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin Wallet for desktop
11/26/2023 2:02:32 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) pooya87 (Summary) 1 Re: IDF are terrorists who bomb children in schools.
11/22/2023 5:19:55 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) Little Mouse (Summary) 1 Re: [5 days left] BTC Price Prediction Contest | 4 mBTC Reward
11/22/2023 5:04:20 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) hosseinimr93 (Summary) 1 Re: Turn non-RBF transaction to RBF enabled?
11/14/2023 2:32:34 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) CryptopreneurBrainboss (Summary) 1 Re: Eloncoin will be massive.
11/11/2023 5:50:14 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) Darker45 (Summary) 1 Re: Poloniex hacked, $100M+ stolen
11/8/2023 5:35:20 AM FinneysTrueVision (Summary) examplens (Summary) 1 Re: Brave Browser installs a VPN service without your permission

Sum of merit: 13
Total records: 13